Licensed users of NoticeWare Reporter may include these pages as part of their report. Licensed users are also permitted to modify these pages to suit their needs.

We recommend you review our article on Building Your Customized Report for more information and ideas.

If you are performing Pre-Sale Inspections on behalf of this Seller, you may wish to include this disclosure in the report. This way you can be certain that the Reader has full information regarding the purposes and basics of the Inspection.

A Microsoft Word formatted document of some standard Scope and Limitations that you have your client sign. It’s strongly recommended that you read these over and be sure they match the type of inspections that you or your company perform. A great starting point though, for your Home Inspection report.

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This is a great form to use to schedule your inspections, bill the client and have them sign off on the Standards that you adhere to. We have used the American Society of Home Inspectors as an example. You should change this to the Association that you belong to, or the Standards of Practice that you adhere to. Microsoft Word Format.

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