There is a lot of discussion around advertising to Real Estate Professionals and whether it is a conflict of interest. There are other ways to advertise and grow your business, and this article will focus on some other lead generative venues.


Sellers are Buyers. All though some Sellers may have already purchased a property, many haven’t. If a Seller has a sign on the lawn, they are moving somewhere. A knock on the door or a brochure in the mailbox can be your ticket to being the Inspector of choice when they do purchase. Download the script if you are willing to knock on the door.

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Taking the courses to become a Home Inspector is just the start of your journey toward self employment.

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Napoleon Hill said it best, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Growing a business is a constant effort and only with hard work (in the right direction) and good practi

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Home Inspectors form opinions about Real Estate Professionals. Speaking to veteran Inspectors, you you will find a lot of differing thoughts regarding whether you should market to Realtors or not.

Real Estate Professionals are working with the Buyers and Sellers. They are the trusted professional (most of the time) in the real estate transaction. When the Buyer or Seller is looking for a Home Inspector, they will ask the Realtor for recommendations. Some top Realtors can do as many as 300 transactions a year, find the ones who will refer you.


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