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We think our Templates are super! Sometimes you may need to make a change so that the Template works better for you. At the very least, you may need to edit the Scope and Limitations and Standards of Practice so that they meet your needs and the Standards of the Association that you are a part of.

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Now that you are ready to get into the business of Home Inspection, it’s time to put together your report. There are a few things to do with NoticeWare Reporter to customize the report template and printed report to your needs. Many Inspectors include extra items and documents in their report to provide further information, disclaimers and in some cases, padding, to their reports. Below, you will find some suggestions, as well as links to sites, for some of these extras.

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The Merge feature in NoticeWare Reporter is a powerful and simple tool. It's particularly useful if you have two Inspectors reporting on the same property and you need to combine the reports.

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